Are you an influencer? 

Do you have many followers?
Are you a popular content creator?
Let’s make some money together. 

Let’s create a passive income stream with the least amount of effort on your part.  This is not that far-fetched!

Did you know?  Did you know that an average influencer can generate $1 per follower every year?  Let’s say you have 100k followers, you could earn $100,000 per year in passive income!  Imagine if you had 1 million active followers, how would that change your personal finances?

You are probably wondering how we can achieve that?

We are, an online marketplace that makes it is very easy to purchase and sell exclusive items created by influencers. We can create and offer merchandise with your name or brand.  You don’t have to incur large expenses on getting started or even getting your inventory.  If you don’t have an item ready to sell, no worries, our team can help bring it to life. Whether it’s a shirt, a hat, a gift, a poster, or a novelty item, etc.  All you need is your name or brand, post about it, and we will take care of the rest. 

Sounds too good to be true?

This is how the business model works: 
The success of any business depends mainly on these two factors:

  • Attraction: the ability to attract customers or prospects
  • Transaction: the ability to convert those prospects into sales

Most influencers today, are inherently very good at attracting customers. They know exactly what to do in order to achieve the highest engagement. Influencers are experts in Attracting! However, their biggest barrier is not knowing how to monetize their followers beyond common ad revenue or paid posts.  Yes, you can make some money from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube if you monetize your content. But in the spectrum of things, this revenue is minimal.
You can do much more!

Have you ever wondered how those top influencers are making so much money? It’s because they are taking advantage of merchandise sales!

Merchandising is the natural way to capitalize on this golden rule: “100,000 followers can generate $100,000 per year.” An influencer can offer items like hats, shirts, phone cases, eyelashes, purses, accessories, etc. If this is done right, $100,000 can be generated on top of any paid posts or advertising income, passively.

Online Merchandising through an e-commerce platform is often underestimated. It involves many complex elements: product development, acquisition, photo shoots, payment systems, security, encryption, shipping and handling, legalities, taxes, customer service, and so much more.

This can be very discouraging since most people don’t have the time or the know-how to run an online shop. has a lifetime of experience in doing all of this. We are experts in Transacting and Supply Chain Management.

Our platform can handle all the transaction elements to ensure that the supply chain is fulfilled and managed successfully. That way, each influencer can focus on his or her expertise: growing their audience and directing them to their merchandise page. Meanwhile, we take care of the rest!  (By the way, we also take care of setting up the ecommerce page for each influencer.)

To give you a better idea of how this works, let’s say you are known for the phrase: “I’m essential.” A t-shirt with that phrase can be developed and placed on the e-commerce platform. You can wear it, make posts about it, recommend it to your followers, and direct them to the site.

When they get to the site and make a purchase, we facilitate the entire process. We handle the packing, shipping, and customer support.  When a customer buys, you make money with no effort, other than directing your followers to your e commerce page. We take care of the rest! 

(Note: If you already have shirts made or any other product, we can sell your existing inventory for you. If you need help creating products, we can take care of that as well.)

It’s a win-win scenario: Wealth is generated when there is specialization!

Trustworthiness: To ensure a trustful relationship, the influencer gets an account login where he/she can see sales reports, profits, payouts, and statistics. Also, every time there is a sale, the influencer gets an instant notification to their email. All transactions are 100% transparent. We do not accept cash, to ensure everything is done online through the portal.

Zero Risk: We don’t charge for anything unless there is a sale involved.  No sales, no fees, no risk.

If you are an influencer or content creator and you are ready to start generating passive income, join us today!  

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Case Study:

Pedro Flores

120K followers = $100,000!

pedro Flores

Pedro Flores is an influencer with about 120K followers on social media. Pedro is a professional content-creator and expert filmmaker with videos with millions of views. He definitely knows how to get views and likes! He decided to sell some merch (shirts, hats, sweatshirts) with his famous lines and graphics. He was able to get 100s of orders in a couple of weeks. However, the fulfillment of the orders with all the other complicated tasks like, shipping, banking, inventory control, refunds and returns, purchasing, tax collecting and other legalities, created a big problem for him. Even though he was selling ok he was not making any money, in fact he was losing money!

When he joined our platform, it all changed. He started doing what he does best, getting likes, followers, and directing people to his store. We took care of the rest: order fulfillment, shipping, handling, taxes, returns, refunds, merchant accounts, and so forth…

With 120K followers, Pedro made over $100,000 dollars in a year!

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