Our Strategy

The success of a business depends on two major factors: attraction and transaction.

  • Attraction: the capacity to attract customers.  
  • Transaction: the ability to transact with those customers.

Most influencers today are inherently very good at attracting customers. They know how to get likes, followers, engagements, and so on. Influencers are experts in attracting! But their biggest barrier is knowing how to monetize their followers and audience beyond common ad revenue or paid posts.

Merchandising is the natural way to capitalize on this golden rule: “100,000 followers can generate $100,000 per year.” An influencer with 100k followers can offer items like caps, shirts, phone cases, eyelashes, purses, accessories, etc. If this is done right, $100k can be generated on top of any paid posts or advertising income.

Online merchandising through an e-commerce platform is often underestimated. It involves many complex elements: product development and acquisition, staging, displaying, payment systems, security and encryption systems, shipping and handling, legalities, taxes, social media ads, and more. Influencers Marketplace has extensive experience in doing all of this. We are experts in transacting!

Our platform can handle all the transaction elements to ensure that the supply chain is fulfilled and managed successfully. That way, each influencer can focus on his or her expertise: getting the followers or likes. We will take care of the rest.  

A win-win scenario: Influencers Marketplace manages and fulfills all of the influencer’s merchandise orders, and the influencer directs his or her followers to an e-commerce landing page with all merch items ready to be purchased. Customers make a purchase, we fulfill the order and handle all expenses, and of course, we pay the influencer the earnings on the order. Wealth is generated when there is specialization!

Are you an influencer? Join us. Let’s make some money together.

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